Monday, February 27, 2012

favorite cookie?

My wife was surprised when I said "I think this is my favorite cookie that you've made of all time."  Not only because it was a bold statement coming from a guy who loves every single thing she makes, but also because I'm typically hung up especially on the chocolate chip variety.

After some soul searching I realized that I must really love jam filled cookies.  On our trip to Paris I fell in love with a simple shortbread cookie filled with strawberry jam.  Nothing fancy, just a cookie that comes in a box in the corner store.

At any rate, his particular jam filled cookie that my wife made however was beyond good.  It's a peanut butter cookie with jam filling and also topped with crushed potato chips.  A lot of sweet with a little added salty.  Of course she made a huge batch, and so I took them to work to share.  I was the hero.  I might owe any future work promotions to my wife.

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