Friday, January 6, 2012

too much computer

It's 2012. I decided I wasn't going to do as much contract work this year as I did last year. As a Web Developer there's no shortage of extra work I could do, but staring at the screen all evening after staring at it all day is decidedly not my cup of tea.

Of course, the first week of the year has brought an exorbitant amount of work during my day job, which has prevented me from wanting to go near the screen in the evening, and thus causing delinquency in this blog of mine. Enough! I must get back on track!

I won't rewind too far, but this week my wife made a cute pistachio cake just for the fun of it.

Right now she's working on an Orange Creamsicle Tart for yet another holiday get-together tomorrow. I can't wait. I just returned home from driving to four different stores on a quest for orange cream soda.

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