Saturday, January 21, 2012

cake trend

My wife has really enjoyed making cakes lately. I've never been a huge cake guy until she started making them. Last night she made a carrot cheesecake with graham cracker frosting, a momofuku recipe, for my mom's birthday party today. I even helped make the frosting. Smearing a few chunks of the cake concoction together (carrot cake, cheese cake, and frosting) pre-assembly, I can tell you that this is a very divine creation.

She made it in similar fashion to the cake she made for her own mom's birthday a couple of months ago. I wonder how my family will compare this year's cake to last year's. The cake-making process was a little less intense this year than last.

Speaking of my family get-togethers, I'm realizing now I forgot to snap a photo of the orange creamsicle tart my wife made for my extended family Christmas party a couple of weeks ago. I drove all around town trying to find a bottle of orange cream soda, but it was worth it. Seriously, out of all the pies people brought, people couldn't stop talking about how good this one was.

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