Friday, November 25, 2011

I surrender

(Look at me and my fancy backdrop!)

After stuffing myself with food yesterday, the day where it is a requirement to do so, I found myself being required to do so yet again today. How can you not when this is the cake that is presented for the mother-in-law birthday celebration. I told myself I'd just have one, but I'm weak. And now I can barely move.

The momofuku cake she was working on a couple of nights ago was a success and a hit. Better than last year's cake? Hard to say.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

momofuku cake

While we were in NYC, my wife and I were sitting on the Brooklyn Bridge at some late hour, maybe 11pm or so? Later? I don't recall. I do recall that my wife wanted to get a treat at momofuku milk bar in the East Village, and it was very close to closing time. It was my first time in the big city, it was late, I'd never been to the East Village, but I was getting pretty savvy with the subways, so I said what the heck, why not?!?!

So we went, made it to the little bakery before it closed, purchased and sampled our treats. I don't even remember what we bought. To be honest, I remember that we both thought that it was something to be desired. But in fairness baked goods typically aren't at their best late at night after probably sitting out for so long. What do I know.

Anyway... My wife just bought the momofuku milk bar Milk cookbook, and has been eying up a confetti cake recipe inside all week. It's her mother's birthday the day after Thanksgiving, so not only is she making a pecan pie tonight for turkey day tomorrow, but she's also getting started on this amazing cake for the day after.

The funniest thing about this whole ordeal is that apparently many of the ingredients in this cake are 'fake.' Imitation vanilla, some weird glucose stuff in a tub, etc. My wife says that the author of this cookbook likes to try and re-create store bought stuff, and uses ingredients that make it taste more like store-bought cake. ONLY MY WIFE (and the momofuku lady) would make a store-bought-tasting cake the long and difficult way. I'll post a picture of how it turns out later.

It's Thanksgiving Eve, and I'm having a glass of brandy, and this is why my post is so long tonight. (not the first time)

Monday, November 21, 2011

pot pie and cookies

I was getting very excited when I took this photo, as the fresh and hot family style pot pie had just come out of the oven. Also, a batch of chocolate chip cookies was sitting right there next to it, still in its infancy, just waiting its turn to be placed into the oven. I don't know if I ended up eating more pot pie or cookies this night. 'Tis the season.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

dark dark dark

So, I'm already getting frustrated by the darkness. Daylight savings has kicked in and it now is dark outside at 5pm which kills the lighting I need to take a decent picture of the perfect things my wife creates. This will be my excuse as to why my posts have been less frequent lately.

She made amazing pull-apart bread tonight, similar to a previous loaf she made awhile back. I knew a picture of it just wouldn't do justice without natural light, so I didn't even attempt it.

I need to figure out a plan to battle the darkness.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

more little pumpkins

Remember the pumpkin my wife received from her mother? Well, she decided to try it herself, times 5. This colorful dish of pumpkins sits at the center of our dinner table, and makes me smile at every meal.