Thursday, October 27, 2011

her style

This week's addition of 'her style.' She has her ultra-fashionable 'embarrassed' pose working for her in this snapshot, before she leaves to run a few errands.


  1. What's her style of ice cream cones? Ever try home made? I just made some tonight!
    Pretty photo instructions:
    I had trouble getting them to pinch and seal shut at the bottom, so I melted some chocolate molding wafers and filled the bottom 1/2" or so. Efficient and a tasty last bite!
    I would describe the taste like fortune cookies!

  2. My wife said that she has wanted to try and make her own, but that she didn't have the griddle to make them. This recipe doesn't need anything like that! Maybe we'll be making cones very soon. She recently made pumpkin spice ice cream with gingersnap crumbles, which should be taste tested on homemade cone IMO.