Tuesday, October 11, 2011

fall getaway

We just got back from a much needed relaxing vacation. We spent a long weekend on Madeline Island, and saw the beautiful fall colors that peak this time of year. Little did we know that we happened to be there during Bayfield's Apple Festival! This small town fills up with people for this yearly event, which added some extra excitement to our quiet, peaceful trip. I'd recommend it! Here are a few vacation photos I'll share, not too many to bore you with though.

The road between our little studio cabin and Lake Superior.

Sun rays shining onto the lake surface.

One of many apple orchards around the area.

My wife's giant bag of apples. Moments before, this bag opened up in her arms while walking down the path, and apples were rolling everywhere down the hill, with passersby trying to grab apples as they sped past! Thanks to the kind folks for recovering most of them. She's so crazy.

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