Monday, September 5, 2011

labor day doughnuts

I was getting some work out of the way on my laptop this morning (even though Labor Day is supposed to be a day for resting) when my wife called out from the kitchen to say that I should make sure and have some coffee made for myself. (she doesn't drink the stuff)

I go into the kitchen to find her frying up some homemade doughnuts. It's a crisp sunny morning, and all of our windows are open, so this sounds perfect- coffee and doughnuts. She tells me that doughnuts are starting to takeover cupcakes as a popular baked good right now. Who knew?

Her two varieties included powdered and cinnamon, and I had one of each! She tells me they're called "Buttermilk Farmstand Doughnuts" from her baked book.

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