Friday, September 23, 2011

just some brownies

This week we had dinner with some new friends of ours over at their place. We enjoy their company because we have many of the same interests, one of which is now apparently my wife's baking!

Our friends made dinner, I brought the beer, and my wife brought the treats. Covered in tinfoil, when asked what she had brought with her, she responded "oh, just some brownies."

I knew better. I had sampled one (or three) before we left. These were going to knock their socks off.

Sure enough, after dinner I brought out her brownies, and they didn't disappoint. Words like "wow, amazing, fantastic" were all that was said while each brownie was slowly devoured. The brownie plate was passed back around a second time because one wasn't possibly enough.

"Just" simple cocoa brownies with peanut butter frosting and salt sprinkled on top. They wanted the recipe immediately, plugging it into their smartphones, and my wife was quick to share it of course, and as always modestly only responded with "oh, anyone can do it."

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