Tuesday, August 2, 2011

she's a techie

Considering my wife's domestic-type hobbies and interests, you might not guess that she's also a whiz with all things computer-related as well. I've mentioned that I even find myself needing to be on top of my game to make sure she isn't 'out-geeking' me.

Well, this week our wireless internet router broke. Gasp! We were without internet! (We do love our internet) Days later, the new router came via UPS while my wife was home. I was sure I'd be receiving a phone call from her when it arrived asking how to set it up, but I shouldn't have been so sure. I came home to a brand new router, plugged in, and serving up our beloved wireless internet to both of our laptops.

"Oh, I just followed the directions," she said. I was impressed. She's somethin alright.

(Our new router sits on a shelf along side a basket of her crafting materials)

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