Sunday, July 31, 2011

healthy pancakes

My wife has never been a big fan of pancakes, definitely more of a waffle girl. I woke up to pancakes being made on the stove this morning nonetheless, as she said she just thought she would give it a try. "They're 'healthy' pancakes, so we'll see if they turn out to be any good."

Why she ever doubts herself, I have no idea. Despite being made primarily with oats, whole wheat, and flaxseed they were quite honestly as good as any pancake I had ever had. (Hard to say if they were the BEST or not, only because pancakes are all pretty similar in texture and taste aren't they?) Although, I can certainly say they were way better than my dad's "famous" pancakes, which I think are only famous to himself.

Anyway, while my wife "wasn't" a big fan of pancakes, she seems to be now. She loved them as well.

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