Sunday, June 26, 2011

strawberry heaven

To my surprise we've actually made a considerable dent into our strawberry supply. We're not sick of them yet either, since we're eating them in many different ways. Last night the oven ran for 8 hours on low while we slept to make strawberry leather which turned out great- a tasty fruit snack with no added sugar or anything.

My wife also made strawberry ice cream, of course. The recipe she used this time is hands down the best so far- it tastes extra creamy, but it's hardly fair to compare since we're talking about fresh-from-the-field strawberries here. Even more fun, she made a pint (and decorated its container) as a present for her coworker's birthday tomorrow.

Then, an believably delicious smell wafted from our kitchen, as a strawberry coffee cake came out of the oven. Oh my, I could not wait for this to hit my mouth. Sure enough, it was delightful, so much so I had two big pieces.

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