Saturday, June 25, 2011

strawberry fields

Today my wife woke up to the idea of picking strawberries. It is finally a nice day outside, so it sounded like a perfect idea to me. After a short pit stop at the farmer's market in town (where I picked up some amazing peanut brittle), we drove to a nearby berry farm for a good ol' fashion late-morning berry pick.

$13 for a 10 lb box of the ripest, most perfectly shaped strawberries you can pick yourself seems like a steal, as a quart in the store is like $4 typically.

After picking our box-full (and sneaking a few bites in the field) we made our way back home, discussing what we should make with all of these berries. My wife of course plans on making all kinds of treats with them (cakes, pies, etc). I plan to shave them up onto my Rice Krispies and Corn Flakes for breakfast- I can't wait.

At home I immediately had the idea to make strawberry lemonade, as I noticed we still had some lemonade left in the fridge, and I had seen a sign for it at McDonald's yesterday. Made with the Magic Bullet- mmm, very delicious and fresh tasting. (The main reason I add the strawberry garnish is to make her smile and impress her)

Of course, we started dipping strawberries into Nutella immediately for a snack as well.

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