Friday, June 17, 2011

one year later

Well, we're back home from NYC. And yes, I told my wife about this blog on our last night there! She was confused and surprised, but couldn't stop giggling. She sat at the computer reading it straight through for a long time, continually giggling. Just giggling.

"I'm so embarrassed" she says, over and over again. Because there are no identifiable pictures of her, she isn't 'too' embarrassed. :) Whew! What a relief! She then started putting two-and-two together, and realizing why I was extra nosy this year.

So, the cat's out of the bag, a year after my first post. I'm glad she likes the blog, and I'm happy I could go the full year without too many big gaps in my posts. It's a lot of work to keep up a blog!

My wife asked if I was going to keep it going. I said "only if you keep being you!" It's our 5th anniversary, and here's to many more.


  1. I was wondering when your wife would find out about the blog. I think it's great what you're doing. I hope that one day I'll be in a relationship this great.

    Keep up the good work!


  2. Thank you for the kind words.

  3. Well done! I have to admit that I had hoped for a much more detailed, blow-by-blow, he said she said account of how you broke it to her and how she reacted, but then I reminded myself that this is actually your life and that now your wife knows, you may have to be more selective about what you post! My sister and I were saying how your romanticism and your lives would make a wonderful novel or even a film. Good luck both of you...can't wait to hear about your next adventures!

  4. Thanks MM. I felt like such a climactic event may have needed more details as well, but I really wrote it pretty much exactly as it happened. She smiled and laughed and continued to giggle for about an hour! :)

    Thank you for your kind words as well, and encouragement.