Thursday, June 23, 2011

homemade ricotta

Taking inspiration from the food my wife tried at the Brooklyn Flea- ricotta and prosciutto on a baguette, she decided to try making her own version for dinner last night. I had the pleasure of planting my butt on the counter in the kitchen, drinking half a bottle of wine, watching her work her magic. This picture, believe it or not, is the ricotta cheese sitting in cheese cloth.

I tell you it was fantastic. It might be the best tasting cheese I've ever had. So flavorful. Only a few simple ingredients- lemon juice basically creating whey from milk/cream/salt (from the recipe on Smitten Kitchen of course).

I'm not sure how there was so much flavor from these simple ingredients, but you'll have to try it for yourself to find out.

While the cheese was dangling in the cloth, I watched her make "Buckeye State ice cream" which came from a cookbook I didn't catch the title of. It's made with natural peanut butter and dark chocolate chunks. I'm used to JIF, so I wasn't accustomed to so much oil on the top of the peanut butter jar, but it's natural so it must be normal.

I said "don't we still have the salted caramel ice cream you made in the freezer." My wife responded, "Yes, but we don't want to run out of ice cream." I can't argue with her. We ate the salted caramel flavor for dessert, but I also tried a few spoonfuls of the pb/chocolate ice cream for a sample. Very peanut buttery, but very good.

If my post seems extra long today, it's because of that half bottle of wine I drank...

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