Monday, June 20, 2011

egg frittata

Don't worry, not much will change with regard to how the content of this blog is gathered. My wife isn't going to put extra effort into baking/cooking/crafting things just for the sake of blog material now that she knows about it, trust me. She couldn't possibly make more things than she already does anyway. She'll just see me taking a picture of her stuff and say "oh gosh, do you have to?"

Here's an egg frittata she made for dinner this week. Super delicious.

And it's ice cream season again. She made this 'Nutella ice cream' and it hadn't been in the freezer for very long yet, so it was very soft and drippy, which required me to eat it faster which I didn't mind at all.

She's made three batches in the last 5 days. After the Nutella flavor, she made "roasted strawberry and buttermilk" ice cream which I can't even describe, and now I'm dipping into some "salted caramel" ice cream which is rich and amazing. "I thought it might be too rich for you, and that you couldn't handle it." she said. She couldn't be more wrong about this.

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