Saturday, May 21, 2011

birthday fun

As I said, it's my wife's birthday! We had a fun afternoon/evening yesterday. First we chased down a bike she wanted from Craigslist- an older Schwinn Suburban Cruiser (here's just a random photo of one, but hers is blue).

Red Schwinn Suburban, circa 1980
Then, we traveled further south to try a Punch Pizza we hadn't been to yet. It was too fantastic for words (again, not my picture).

Oven at Punch Pizza, Highland Park, Saint Paul
Finally, we stopped at the Grand Ole Creamery for a late night ice cream (nope, not my picture either).

Grand Ole Creamery

After beer, pizza, and ice cream it was hard to not take a nap on the drive home. Since I was driving, I had no choice. The same couldn't be said for her though.

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