Sunday, April 17, 2011

the french way

Our apartment is starting to develop a delicious aroma as I write this. I ask my wife what is starting to smell so good. She says "I'm making soup, will you go give it a stir for me?" I go stir the pot of full of onions, and when I come back to the living room she says "I'm making French Onion Soup, the French way." I say, "What is 'the French way'?" She replies simply, "Slow."

I do some poking around, and can safely assume it's a Julia Child recipe found via Smitten Kitchen (starting to wonder what we would do without this Smitten lady).

I know it'll be worth the wait. Good thing I have some leftover spaghetti from Friday to hold me over.

I'll have to stay out of the kitchen for awhile though, as my eyes water easily from the onions and my wife will make fun of me.

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