Monday, February 14, 2011

her favorite day(s)

We don't just celebrate the single Valentine's Day around here, we make it last. Saturday we enjoyed the beautiful weather (finally) and went ice skating on the pond downtown. What fun! But our feet started to hurt quite quickly, as we couldn't remember the last time we had strapped on skates.

Yesterday my wife made these unbelievable red velvet cupcakes in celebration of her favorite holiday's eve. I thought I would charm the women at my work by bringing the extras in for them to enjoy today, but none were fooled and all said to thank my wife...

She also decided to wear a cute side pony and this 'springtime' shirt that day, which drove me crazy.

This evening, my wife is super excited about the orange squeezer I gave her (thanks to her pinterests for the gift idea).

However I am even more excited to try the homemade Nutella she made me! She bought hazelnuts at the store the other day, and I didn't think twice about it. I'm flabbergasted that she would think to make such a thing, and I can't wait to spread it on a hunk of bread.

After ordering our favorite pizza in, we enjoyed a couple of molten chocolate cakes that she made from The Pioneer Woman's recipe. Oh, and honest to God she said this "oh shoot, we don't have ice cream. well, I can just whip some up quick." So yeah, homemade ice cream "just whipped up" to go along with it. Thank you Cuisinart.

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