Saturday, February 26, 2011

never made something so pretty

A braided lemon bread was what I devoured this morning for breakfast. Not knowing what it was before I took my first bite, I was expecting something savory, as it looked like a giant pretzel with salt sprinkled on top. It turns out the 'salt' was actually pearl sugar, and instead of cheese inside it was lemon curd that she had leftover from making a lemon tart earlier this week.

Very delicious. When my wife pulled it out of the oven she said "I've never made something so pretty." That's a tough call, she's made alot of pretty things.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

coffee container

For the first time ever I bought coffee beans at the grocery store that you can grind up yourself using the grinder right there in the aisle. It smelled wonderful, and I was excited to bring my new grind home to try in my new French Press. Once at home, before I knew it, my wife was pouring my ground coffee from the bag into this cute little container- the other Liberty of London item she scored from Target. Now I get to enjoy making my coffee from start to finish.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

a couple of books

On our way to dinner my wife said "on our way I just need to stop by the library and pick up a couple of books I reserved." This is her version of "a couple of books." (there's actually another stack of five or so that she picked up a couple of days later)

I'm looking forward to what she decides to cook/bake from the contents of these piles. Maybe I'll have to try my own hand at a recipe again.

Monday, February 14, 2011

her favorite day(s)

We don't just celebrate the single Valentine's Day around here, we make it last. Saturday we enjoyed the beautiful weather (finally) and went ice skating on the pond downtown. What fun! But our feet started to hurt quite quickly, as we couldn't remember the last time we had strapped on skates.

Yesterday my wife made these unbelievable red velvet cupcakes in celebration of her favorite holiday's eve. I thought I would charm the women at my work by bringing the extras in for them to enjoy today, but none were fooled and all said to thank my wife...

She also decided to wear a cute side pony and this 'springtime' shirt that day, which drove me crazy.

This evening, my wife is super excited about the orange squeezer I gave her (thanks to her pinterests for the gift idea).

However I am even more excited to try the homemade Nutella she made me! She bought hazelnuts at the store the other day, and I didn't think twice about it. I'm flabbergasted that she would think to make such a thing, and I can't wait to spread it on a hunk of bread.

After ordering our favorite pizza in, we enjoyed a couple of molten chocolate cakes that she made from The Pioneer Woman's recipe. Oh, and honest to God she said this "oh shoot, we don't have ice cream. well, I can just whip some up quick." So yeah, homemade ice cream "just whipped up" to go along with it. Thank you Cuisinart.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

congrats Cairo

My wife and I have been watching the events in Cairo closely the last couple of weeks, and it has been very exciting to see the mostly peaceful revolution a success so far. I'm eager to see what positive changes this will bring for their country, as well as how these demonstrations across the region might change the Middle East as we know it.

Our short time spent in Cairo last Spring taught quickly us how passionate the people are there. Easily the kindest, most genuine, and gracious people we've met in any city also. Our apartment was in a tucked away neighborhood, far from any tourist centers. The people told us that they rarely see American tourists in their quiet neighborhood and wished us the warmest welcome, were always smiling, and made our stay there most memorable.

Truly amazing people. Good luck to you Egypt!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

morning monkey bread

My wife and I aren't the biggest Rachel Ray fans, but she does put together a few good recipes I'll admit. This one, that my wife found on shutterbean was a wonderful smell in our apartment this morning, along with my coffee made from my new French press. The taste combination was perfect too. I'm happy to live in a society where breakfast food can have frosting on it.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


I brought a few of these little guys to work today, and the first and only word out of my coworker's mouth after sampling one was "delightful." Of course I love pb and chocolate combinations of any kind, and these were no exception. My wife loves how "cute" they turned out, the small cookies dipped into chocolate on one side- adapted from a Martha recipe

Monday, February 7, 2011

happy birthday to me!

I'm turning 30 years old today. Wowza. I had quite a birthday celebration this weekend though let me tell you. Of course it included a perfect cake. However this one was to be delivered to the pirate themed murder mystery party my wife was throwing for me.

After a crazy night of swashbuckling shenanigans, my first birthday present included an adorable donkey. But not just one donkey.. Two! I've been telling my in-laws that they should get a donkey for their hobby farm for awhile now, and now I've got my own!

To wrap it up my wife gave me a French coffee press that I've been wanting. The wrapping was as usual half the fun.

Looking back on it, my 30th birthday weekend is maybe the most random weekend I can remember.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

her own macarons

My wife succeeded in making fantastic macarons on her first attempt, adapting a recipe from tartlette to use up the rest of the white chocolate frosting she still had from my mom's birthday cake.

My new favorite stateside macaron.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

her pinterests

I'm a web developer by trade, and I consider myself pretty web savvy. However I often find myself playing catch up with my wife in this regard believe it or not. She spends her fair share of time surfing for things she loves across this great Internet, and in doing so inevitably finds new web trends and tools in places I don't always look.

Today I just learned about Pinterest from her, which just so happens to catalog the things you love. It's pretty cool, and looks really easy to use. Checkout my wife's pinterests.

I've also added this to the right side of this blog.