Sunday, November 14, 2010

pb and chocolate pillows

So I thought I'd try and impress my wife by baking a treat for us myself. I knew that Joy the Baker was a good option, as my wife had made deliciousness from her recipes in the past.

I happened across these little guys, and thought I'd give them a whirl. (I LOVE peanut butter and chocolate) They looked simple enough, how could I go wrong?

Well they turned out OK. (but if you compare my pictures to hers you'll just laugh at me) I dolloped too much peanut butter on the squares, thus preventing me from making a clean crimp around the edges. And it also limited the amount of chocolate I could put in the pillow as well. More chocolate and less peanut butter next time would be better (if I had read the recipe more closely, it would've been a non-issue)

Upon pulling them out of the oven and taking a bite, my wife said "mmm, these are so good." However, the next day she truthfully told me "yeah, maybe a bit too much pb. kinda tasted like I was eating a big wad of peanut butter."

She always gives it to me straight, even if it's delayed.

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