Monday, September 6, 2010

what falls from our walls

Our apartment has cement walls with a couple of layers of paint over the top, so we are unable to poke nails into the walls to hang our pictures. Instead, we are forced to use the 3M Picture Hanging Strips, and in the humid state of Minnesota they don't seem to hold so well. We can only deduce that the humidity is the problem, as our hanging objects only seem to fall down in the summertime, but the breeze from the open windows could also be an issue.

Anyway, stuff falls off of our walls. It's a bummer. I gathered up just a few of the fun things my wife has tried to tack to the wall, only to watch them fall and break in most cases.

-On the left is a hand-sewn fabric piece with a cork back that was fit into an antique frame we found, which my wife used to post random notes, pictures and other fun items to. It fell and broke off a few pieces of the ornate wood trim.

-In the middle is my wife's anniversary present to me a couple of years ago. The frame contains a single quilt square from the ratted up picnic blanket we sat on in the park when I asked her to marry me. The word "love" simply written below it, it was a wonderful present, but it fell from the wall and broke as well. A new frame will make this as good as new however. Still, a bummer.

-The letter "Q" fell from an arrangement of random letters of random sizes and colors on the wall in our sun room. All that remains is a white spot on the wall where the paint peeled away behind the 3M strip.

-On the right is an anniversary gift from me to my wife. Just a simple print she always adored in a magazine, but that had to ship all the way from England! This frame actually was never hung, as we feared that the glass would break if it fell. So it just sits, propped up on a shelf now, until we move from this apartment to a place where we can hang pictures like normal people.

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