Thursday, July 22, 2010


I was wearing a turquoise t-shirt one morning last weekend that was plastered with the name of the conference I attended a few weeks prior and wound up with the free shirt. It caught my wife's attention and said "you need to wear more 'pretty' colors" like that, I might buy you one of those brightly colored shirts I've seen at Target."

Sure enough, today when I came home from work there was a cute gift bag and card sitting on the dining room table for me. What she wrote in the card made me smile of course (but I won't share that) and the bag contained a bright turquoise v-neck shirt.

What I love most about these gifts is not the gift itself, but how much thought she puts into the presentation. (Notice that the colors on the card match the colors of the shirt and gift bag- that wasn't a coincidence)

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