Friday, July 9, 2010

drinking on campus again

My wife had the idea to have our favorite pizza in town delivered, and eat it in the park on the university campus just a few blocks away. She asked me to grab a bottle of cheap white wine after work also. There wasn't much selection so I grabbed the ol' standby Sutter Home White Zin.

We lucked out, as the "Municipal Band" (I didn't know existed) was playing in the park, and provided us with enjoyable background music on this absolutely gorgeous afternoon. I wondered if all of the 70-somethings in their lawn chairs would sound the alarm over our bottle of wine, but we stayed a safe distance away. An unpredictable bunch, you never know what they'll do if startled...

Anyway, of course my wife added pots de creme to our meal as a desert. It was unbelievably good of course, and it came from this recipe at culinate. She made it in her little ceramic pots that she saved from the yogurt we ate in Paris. (Which she saw in advance on stephmodo)

What a perfect evening.

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