Saturday, July 24, 2010

cheesecake to die for

My wife spent all evening on Thursday making cheesecake, two of them- a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup and a Raspberry, for a wedding shower on Friday evening. She had some of cheesecake materials left over so she concocted makeshift cheesecakes in these jelly jars. I took the opportunity to snap a photo, and didn't take a photo of the actual cakes in the fridge because they were still in their baking tins and weren't as presentable. Well, I lucked out, as my wife took our camera to the wedding shower and snapped a photo of her cheesecakes on display herself! (and obviously doesn't know that I snatched the photos from the camera)

My mother-in-law said that her cakes were the talk of the party, which doesn't surprise me anymore. A coworker of mine who has long known of my wife's baking skills was very jealous when I told him it was a homemade cheesecake in the jar on my desk that he thought to seem peculiar. It was unbelievably good as usual. I don't have the recipe she used yet, but I'll try and edit this post to include it if I can dig it up.

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