Friday, June 18, 2010

Four years

My wife and I celebrated our four-year anniversary yesterday. It was a simple day. Typically we do something extra fun for the event, but this week has been tough as my wife's grandfather is sick in the hospital and we've been by his side. But this simple day with her reminded me of how much I love just being with her day-to-day. It dawned on me that I could easily write about how perfect she is (and also how crazy she is) on a continual basis, so I thought I'd actually start writing it down here in this blog.

For my first post I'll start out with what she did that was so perfect two days ago. My wife works until 4:30 and I work until 5, and when I came home she had on the little white dress that she wore to our grooms dinner on that day four years ago. She put the dress on and also put on the "I'm so embarrassed but I know you love it" smile for me. She still looks wonderful in it.

I should note that I'll be working under complete anonymity in this blog, as my wife would absolutely DIE if she knew I was doing this... Wish me luck.

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  1. I love what you're doing and can't wait to hear her reaction!