Monday, June 28, 2010

Prosciutto pizza

I didn't intend to make this a food blog, but I can only write about what I see. Using the remaining prosciutto, she baked some delicious pizzas for us. She just bought some whole wheat flat bread and some simple tomato sauce (just skinned tomatoes and butter in a can) and added cheese and the meat. I've seen her make some amazing pizzas using dough and sauce made from scratch, but this was still scrumptious and required less cleanup for me (yes, I do actually contribute). Which reminds me, I need to blog about the crazy mess she makes in the kitchen that is a byproduct of her amazing cooking and baking.

And afterward we finished off her homemade strawberry vanilla ice cream, but this time in fun sugar cones she picked up on her way home from work.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Rigatoni, prosciutto and peas in a box

This was a great time to start a blog, as my wife has really outdone herself lately. She put together another picnic this weekend, this time with delicious rigatoni with prosciutto and peas in fun little Chinese takeout boxes. She's too much.

And another ice cream treat was to follow back at home. This time it was homemade strawberry vanilla ice cream, from this Tartelette recipe. I can tell you right now that this was the best ice cream I've ever eaten. "Anyone can make it," she says. I ask her, "Well then why have I never had ice cream this good before from any ice cream shop?"

Saturday, June 26, 2010

And Croque Monsieur for dinner

Definitely in the top 5 of sandwiches I've ever eaten. My wife used a recipe from Barefoot Contessa's Paris cookbook. She never found a good ham and Gruyère sandwich while in Paris, so she wanted to make her own. Seriously delicious.

And to my surprise we finished off dinner with simple raspberries over vanilla ice cream. I never knew that you mixed in a little sugar with the raspberries to make it more watery, but she did of course.

Saturday morning waffles

If you can't already tell by now, my wife appreciates presentation as much as flavor when it comes to food preparation. This Saturday morning she made one of her favorites- waffles. The little bit of extra effort she puts into making these delicious confections as well as setting the table the only way she knows how- "simple and pretty," is not lost on me. What a perfect way to start the day.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Just enough left for me

My wife made a strawberry cake for her coworkers to enjoy as a way to say thanks for taking on the extra load of work while she was away on funeral leave. There was one small piece left for me after she brought it home from work. This quite literally might be the best tasting cake I've ever had. It seems like I always say that about the food she makes, but for sure it's true this time.

This is the recipe she used from Pioneer Woman

Thursday, June 24, 2010

French picnic

This evening my wife incorporated some French influences into our picnic in the park, as we returned from a trip to Cairo and Paris only a couple of weeks ago and felt like reliving our lazy French picnics. We love the simplicity of bread, meat, cheese, fruit, sweets and wine common in French fare. (I decided I'm not going to be afraid to have some wine in public parks, as the French do, if I feel so inclined) The baguette didn't compare to the Parisian version, but it was tasty nonetheless.

My wife's grandfather passed away earlier this week. She was quite close to him, and we had visited him in the hospital most days since we returned from our trip. These last couple of weeks have been sad, so this little picnic was a nice way to get back into the groove of our own summer evenings together and remember our wonderful trip.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Where the magic happens

My wife loves to bake. She is a wonderful baker. She has dozens of food blogs bookmarked, and she loves to try the recipes she finds. Our kitchen is where she perfects her craft, and despite it being inefficient and tucked away in a corner of our old 1920's apartment, she has made it her own (also with the help of dozens of bookmarked design blogs).

Friday, June 18, 2010

Four years

My wife and I celebrated our four-year anniversary yesterday. It was a simple day. Typically we do something extra fun for the event, but this week has been tough as my wife's grandfather is sick in the hospital and we've been by his side. But this simple day with her reminded me of how much I love just being with her day-to-day. It dawned on me that I could easily write about how perfect she is (and also how crazy she is) on a continual basis, so I thought I'd actually start writing it down here in this blog.

For my first post I'll start out with what she did that was so perfect two days ago. My wife works until 4:30 and I work until 5, and when I came home she had on the little white dress that she wore to our grooms dinner on that day four years ago. She put the dress on and also put on the "I'm so embarrassed but I know you love it" smile for me. She still looks wonderful in it.

I should note that I'll be working under complete anonymity in this blog, as my wife would absolutely DIE if she knew I was doing this... Wish me luck.